High performance and more time savings in electrode production.

tl-Elektrode supports the user in the automated creation of electrode geometries and documentation. The software significantly reduces the time-consuming, manual design and description of electrodes. Even changes and adjustments in existing projects are now possible in a very short time.



tl-Elektrode convinces with fast learning, easy handling and good organization of the data. This contributes to significantly more productivity and ensures a rapid amortization of the software acquisition. thinkLine Electrode offers the creation of single and multiple electrodes and contains numerous automatisms to adapt to any geometry. Through a preview simulation, collisions between the electrode holder and the workpiece can be detected in good time in the early stages and subsequent damage is avoided. thinkLine Electrode guarantees automated production-ready documentation and provides integrated management of all electrode data, projects and related project information.



  • Database-supported electrode management
  • Automatic electrode surface selection
  • Automatic collision avoidance during electrode geometry creation
  • Automatic raw measure selection and holder definition
  • Automatic technology selection
  • Creation of project lists and raw material lists from every workstation with network access
  • Creation of EDM programs directly at the construction site or at the erosion workstation with network access
  • Automated creation of CNC programs for electrode production
  • Optional possibility of electrode measuring point definition for the electrode measurement
  • Automated drawing documentation



Features and benefits

user interface

ThinkLine Electrode's user interface makes it simple, fast and productive. The user can concentrate fully on creating electrodes and documentation without being distracted by annoying command lines and dialog boxes.

electrodes projects

With thinkLine Electrode, the management of electrode data and projects for single or multiple electrodes is given without additional effort. A clear tree-structured view contains all the information about the electrode geometry, positioning, coordinate system, material, holder and dimensions. The administration works across all models and even externally created electrode geometries can be recorded.

electrode creation

Using tl-Elektrode, electrodes can be extracted and generated from any reference geometries. This includes the automatic detection of geometries in selected areas, the definition of angles and tangential extensions, whereby the user has complete influence on the automatic specifications at all times. A simulated preview of the electrode with holder allows the final determination of dimensions and positioning, avoids errors and detects collisions early. tl-Elektrode works on all 3D data without time-consuming preparations. It does not matter whether the model exists of volumes or surfaces and from which system the data was imported. In addition, the user has sufficient drawing and area functions for editing foreign geometries.

electrode geometry

tl electrode supports the user in the description of the electrode. All information on name assignment, positioning, contour of the raw electrode, type, material and dimensions with undersizes can be assigned by the user. The holders can be selected from a comprehensive holder library and are displayed in a preview function with the electrode.

electrode documentation

tl-Elektrode supports the automatic creation of production-compliant drawing and documentation. Templates are used to create electrode, position and assembly drawings with dimensions and approach position. Subsequent editing, creation of sectional drawings and further details is always available. thinkLine Electrode creates complete lists in HTML, Excel or text format. These contain all the information about the created electrodes with positioning, dimensions, characteristics and important remarks.

machine output

tl-Elektrode creates the start-up programs for die sinking EDM machines for positioning and transferring all technologically required parameters. Almost all types of EDM machines available on the market are operated, each with specially fitted NC processors.

hyperMILL interface

An important step in the automation of electrode production could be achieved by developing a direct data interface between tl-Elektrode and the hyperMILL programming software. Production-relevant data, which are defined during the electrode design, can be transferred to hyperMILL at the touch of a button. For example, sub-dimensions, raw dimensions, material, zero points as well as specific information about the electrode surfaces to be processed are transferred. HM-Interface selects the suitable milling job from a job database that can be freely defined by the user and automatically starts the calculation of the milling paths if required. The user has the possibility at any time to change jobs, to remove jobs and to create new jobs.


tl-Elektrode for hyperMILL/hyperCAD

As an extension to ThinkDesign and other system solutions, tl-Elektrode is available on the same CAD cores as hyperMILL or hyperMILL / hyperCAD milling systems.

tl-Elektrode Solo system

For anyone who designs or designs on a different CAD basis and wants to build competitive electrodes based on that data. tl-Elektrode Solo includes all functions for electrode creation, organization and documentation, as well as data interfaces and corresponding CAD functionalities for processing on external data.

Design elements tl-Elektrode Solo

  • Windows UI with contextual menus and mini-dialog boxes
  • Machining, extending, trimming, dividing, rounding, filling of surfaces and more ...
  • Create and derive drawings, details, cuts, additional views, dimensioning
  • Layer and workplan administration

Data interfaces tl-Elektrode Solo

tl-Electrode supports the following standard 3D and 2D formats: IGES, STEP, STL, VDA, VRML, Wavefront, ASCII points, think3 neutral file and DWG, DXF and Draftmaker. The new interface platform (sold separately) supports all major 3D formats such as Catia V4,Catia V5, ProE / CREO, Unigraphics / NX / JT, Solidworks and Parasolid.

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