tl-Control is an innovative software solution for the fast generation of 3D measuring points directly in CAD (ThinkDesign, hyperCAD, hyperMILL).


By simply clicking on the surface to be measured, tl-Control generates a measuring point with all relevant information for later use in a measuring or machine tool. The user has the option of predefining parameters relevant to the measuring process, such as probing path, probing velocity, probe compensation or safety height. The representation of the probe used later ensures a collision-free use in the later measuring process...


Probe & undersize compensation

The custom probe and undersize compensation offer the possibility to measure also electrodes, which were designed in CAD without undersize, according to the protocol.

Optimal measuring point format

The user can choose between a setpoint vector format, which is necessary for most measuring machines, and a start-endpoint format, which is suitable for measuring on machine tools.


Direct machine control

Suitable postprocessors can be used to control all common measuring machines and machine tools. The target / actual comparison can then take place in the measuring machine or via an import of the measured points in the CAD.


Target / actual comparison with measurement protocol

When the target / actual coordinates are compared, the user is shown all deviations from the setpoint in a clear table with values after selecting the check tolerance. A measurement protocol with colored deviation data documents the quality inspection that has taken place.


Data Interfaces

Numerous interfaces, such as Iges, VDA, Step as well as CatiaV5, CatiaV4, ProE, Parasolid, Solidworks, Inventor and NX also allow the user to measure external data.



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